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Named vegetable that can protect the body from the effects of alcohol

Назван овощ, который способен защитить организм от воздействия алкоголяTomatoes protect the liver and brain from the effects of alcohol.

This statement was made by American scientists. They conducted an experiment on mice and found a positive effect of tomatoes on the body when drinking alcohol.

Experts have divided the rodents into two groups. One introduced alcohol and substances contained in tomatoes. The other was given only alcohol. The experiment lasted for a month. For mice this dose of alcohol was equivalent to chronic alcoholism in humans. After 30 days, scientists tested the condition of the internal organs of mice. Those rodents that did not consume tomatoes, significantly undermined their health. Mice, receiving the powder from the tomatoes retained their liver and brain in a much better state.

After this experiment the experts say about the significant benefits of eating tomatoes when drinking alcoholic beverages. Substances contained in these fruits protects the liver and the brain from the harmful effects of toxic substances. Scientists recommend to eat tomatoes as often as possible.

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