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Named unusual facts about the iPhone 7

Названы необычные факты об iPhone 7Experts looked at the iPhone 7 on the other hand.

And collected ten interesting facts that will prove useful for the overall development.

#1. A soccer field is larger than the screen iPhone 7 million times

The width of the screen of the smartphone is 5.9 inches, and a height of 10.4. By simple calculations we obtain the area 61,36 square centimeters or square meters 0,006136.
The size of the pitch on the recommendations of the FIFA — 105 meters long and 68 meters wide. Get the 7 area of 140 square meters.
It turns out, the area of a football field more iPhone screen 7 in 1 624,51 incredible 163 times.

#2. iPhone 7 thinner individual trees more than 2500 times

The legend of Sicily — unusual chestnut growing near the volcano Etna. The area of its crown reaches 64 square metres and a trunk diameter of 20.4 meters. To such dimensions, the tree has grown over 4000 years.
According to legend, once under that tree from the rain managed to hide more than a hundred riders. Therefore it got the name “Chestnut of a hundred horsemen”.
Have giant and an interesting secret. Actually, it’s not one tree, and from five for some unknown reason, they fused together, and therefore formed so large a trunk.
The thickness of the iPhone 7 — 7.1 mm. It is in 794,52 2 times less trunk Sicilian chestnut.

#3. For a track around the Earth 300 million iPhone 7

There is such a conventional belt, which encircles our planet in the direction of rotation around the axis. He calls the equator, and its length is 40 075 696 M.
And is the iPhone 7, the length of which is to 138.3 mm.
Even if not to take into account the roughness of the surface of the planet and other details to lay a track around the Earth will need at least 289 773 651 iPhone 7.
And it’s slightly less than a third of all iPhone models sold by Apple over the past 10 years.

#4. There is a bridge with a wider iPhone 7 a thousand times

26 August 2016 in Istanbul inaugurated a new suspension bridge across the Bosphorus, which became the wide world — it was named after Sultan Yavuz Selim.
Bridge width is 59 meters. The width of the iPhone 7 — 67,1 mm. the First is larger than the second in 879,28 times.
The length of the bridge reaches 2 164 meters and a height of 322 meters.

#5. Points on the screen 7 key 30 times more than the population of Monaco

The screen resolution of the iPhone 7 — 1334×750 pixels. It turns out, all the smartphone display area 61,36 square centimeters as many as 500 to 1000 points.
In the Monaco area of 2.02 square kilometers is only 37 731 man — 26.5 times less.
This is ridiculous of course, but it’s Retina — high pixel density on the screen, which could boast of a more iPhone 4.

What all are we? And besides, it’s time to finally stop to bother about technical and other nuances of modern smartphones. This makes no sense. Better to smile and enjoy the world around. Good mood!

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