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Named unexpected the reason is always “ice” the legs

Названа неожиданная причина постоянно «ледяных» ногThis symptom may talk about the danger to Your health.

Symptom constantly cold feet can be a sign of a dysfunctional state of the liver and other vital organs, said the researchers. Also, this symptom is associated with psychological factors.

According to scientists, constantly cold feet can indicate that the human liver lacks energy to complete the work of the liver. Also with the processes of thermoregulation of the body connected to the kidney and the thyroid, about it writes “OaNews”.

“The liver is the most “hot” body, followed by the kidneys, which can also suffer from a shortfall of energy. In medicine constantly cold extremities belong to the symptoms of dystonia”, is given in the publication of the opinion of experts.

Scientists believe that when the body does not get enough energy resources it includes protective mechanisms, and the blood begins to circulate in a small circle of blood circulation. Hands and especially the feet in such circumstances will be naturally cold.

Experts noted that the syndrome of cold feet is frequently observed in depression. Experts have advised people suffering from hundreds of limbs, to move about, soar bedtime legs.

Previously, scientists have stated that warming the feet can be a means to combat poor sleep. Warm socks from the feet to the brain receives signals about the need to relax and fall asleep faster, shared their insights physicians.

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