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Named unexpected symptom of liver cancer

Назван неожиданный признак рака печениIt turns out that chronic sleep disturbances may be associated with fibrosis and cancer.

To such conclusion the result of research made by scientists from the Medical College of Baylor in Texas (USA). By the way, the experts stated: the incidence of liver cancer in the period from 1980 to 2016 all over the world increased three times.

Acute sleep disturbance and chronic liver disease can actually be linked – says the doctor-gastroenterologist
Zvenislava Kostur. Diagram is that when the liver is not doing its job, toxic substances begin
to accumulate in the body, resulting in the development of toxic encephalopathy (when the bears lose the brain). And for
such conditions develop sleep disorders.

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All you need to understand the liver is the laboratory of the human body. It passes through everything that enters the body. this
the body metabolizes nutrients, but on the experiences the influence of toxic substances (viruses, bacteria, drugs, alcohol). Now, when such substances become too much, liver can not cope with the task, so the inflammation (infectious, toxic or even cancer).

Because of the suffering of biliary function, jaundice develops as a consequence of toxic shock is experiencing nervous system and brain. Here is the cause of sleep problems.

Fibrosis, cirrhosis are the last stages of liver disease, then the body shrivels, dying liver cells. Under such circumstances, the liver does not perform its functions, so that all toxic substances are released into the bloodstream. This is the way to development of oncological processes (talking about cancer).

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Therefore, doctors stress the need for regular professional examinations. And most importantly, if there are complaints about health
(even if it’s a sleep disorder), you should consult a doctor. that the earlier the diagnosis, the more chances
rather recovery. Do not start the disease, especially when we are talking about liver, because the entire body depends on its work.

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