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Named unexpected reasons to love coffee

Названы неожиданные причины полюбить кофеThe debate about whether coffee is beneficial or harmful to human health, being long.

The experts came to the defense of coffee, gathered the five hottest scientific research on its medicinal properties.

Protects the liver

Scientists from the University of Southampton (UK), found that one Cup of coffee a day reduces the risk of liver cirrhosis by 22%, two cups, 43%, and four at an incredible 65%.

Protects the brain

According to experts from the University American Illinois, coffee protects the human brain from neurodegenerative diseases, including Alzheimer’s disease.

Save us from “dry eye syndrome”

This scourge of the modern office workers, too, can be defeated by coffee. At least, so say the staff of the medical faculty of the University of Tokyo (Japan). They found that strong drink stimulates the lacrimal glands, which begin to actively “wash” the eyes. This saves you from the uncomfortable sensation of “sand in the eyes”.

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Prevents the development of diabetes

Scientists from the Institute of human nutrition Potsdam-Rehbrucke (Germany) for nine years, studied the effect of coffee on health, more than 42 thousand subjects. As it turned out, avid coffee lovers a chance to get diabetes 23% less than among connoisseurs of other beverages. And absolutely no matter what kind of coffee do you drink regular or decaf.

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Can save your life

The experts at the Harvard School of Public Health published a sensational results of his research: it turns out that among coffee lovers less likely to suicide! Scientists attribute this to the stimulating influence of coffee on the production of serotonin, the so called “happy hormone”.

Remember, the beneficial properties of coffee depend largely on the quality of the beans. It is best to choose coffee, and grain to grind just before cooking. Also important is the process of cooking drink.

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