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Named unexpected product for quick weight loss

Назван неожиданный продукт для быстрого похудения5 dietary reasons to eat potatoes.

Favorite potatoes are now officially allowed nutritionists.

1. Potato prevents you from overeating. Potatoes is in first place in the list of foods that provide satiety. You need to eat just one potato in order to achieve the same level of saturation as from a pack of biscuits!

2. Potatoes are the best source of vegetable protein. In the potato of the average size of 4.3 g of protein, more than most vegetables.

3. Potato is low calorie vegetable. Only 150 calories in one piece. By the way, baked or boiled potato contains less calories than fried potatoes.

4. Potatoes are ideal for a snack before training. The carbohydrates that are found in potatoes, increase athletic performance during exercise.

5. Potatoes speeds up weight loss. This vegetable contain complex carbohydrates, which enhance the control of the sugar levels in the blood, which leads to weight loss.

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