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Named unexpected cause of premature aging

Названа неожиданная причина преждевременного старенияDoctors said gluten accelerates aging.

It turns out that the appearance of early wrinkles is not only affected by stress and poor environment, but gluten products.

Sure the American scientist Frank Lipman.

Gluten worsens the skin condition
In the study of the impact of gluten on the dermis, conducted a unique study. In experiment participated volunteers that do not suffer from celiac disease (gluten intolerance). From the diet of study participants was completely eliminated gluten, which led to the disappearance of acne, smooth out wrinkles and improve skin turgor.

Gluten increases inflammation
Dr. Lipman noted that the gluten is not able to cause inflammation. While there are cases when the products of this group had increased symptoms in patients with psoriasis and eczema. But hardly had the patients to abandon the consumption of gluten, as the skin condition improved, and the redness was virtually gone.

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Gluten enhances the oxidative processes in the body
Many of us know about the benefits of antioxidants – valuable substances that fight free radicals, preventing deformation of the collagen fibers. But gluten has the opposite effect. It enhances the oxidation reactions in the body that leads to premature aging.

Gluten causes intoxication
It is no secret that products containing gluten are difficult to digest and also make the intestinal mucosa is thin. Thus, the intestinal wall becomes permeable, absorbing the food, which is excreted by the body. Once in the bloodstream, foods cause an immune response, the symptoms of which are very similar to allergies – the skin becomes scaly, red, and the man complains of itching and burning.

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How to determine that gluten is harmful to the skin?
Dr. Frank Lipman advises to conduct a little experiment, namely to abandon the use of gluten products for 3 weeks. If the condition of your skin improves, then you should think about gluten-free diet is.

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What foods contain gluten?
Gluten is a vegetable protein, which is contained mainly in cereals. However, a list of gluten foods can be supplemented with bakery products, sausages, sauces and mayonnaise, alcoholic beverages, sweets, convenience foods, meat and canned fish, blue cheese, French fries, soda, coffee and chocolate.

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