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Named unexpected cause of impotence

Названа неожиданная причина импотенцииA man loses an erection for a number of psychological and physiological reasons.

Many men are faced with the loss of erection during sex, which they perceive very painful. But the real reason is different from what seems the majority.

There is evidence that some modern drugs and foods reduce testosterone levels in men, leading not only to impotence but also to premature baldness, and also to an epidemic of gynecomastia. Almost half of women blame themselves that their partner is not able to get aroused in bed. 80% of ladies have no idea how prevalent the problem of erectile dysfunction. However, British expert Dr Seth Rankin which have long been engaged in the treatment of men said that their erection problems have nothing to do with women.

“In most cases the man loses an erection for a number of psychological and physiological reasons, – says the expert. – The most common ones are misuse of drugs or alcohol abuse. Alcohol is a depressant, which slows reaction and inhibit the activity of nerves, which directly affects the performance of men in bed. Not long ago, scientists from the University of Washington found that sober men can be excited much faster than is drunk. And some representatives of the stronger sex generally not capable of an erection after drinking alcohol”.

Prolonged consumption of alcohol also leads to chronic impotence, which has been repeatedly proven by scientists. Dependent on alcoholic beverages men have a chance at 70% encounter serious erectile dysfunction, including impotence and persistent. Well, excessive libations before sex that allow some men to relax, reduce not only the intensity of an erection, but and severity of the orgasm.

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