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Named Ukrainian the works of applying for the award “book of the year BBC-2018”

Названы украинские произведения, претендующие на премию «Книга года ВВС-2018» Published long lists of “books of the year VVS-2018”.

BBC Ukraine has published the long list of nominees on competition of the prestigious literary prize “book of the year BBC-2018”. According to “BBC Ukraine”, the list includes three nominations.

“Book of the year BBC-2018”:

Irina Agapeeva, “Rose’s thorn” (bright Strap publishing),

Yuri Andrukhovych, “Lovers Of Justice” (Meridian Czernowitz),

Yuriy Vynnychuk, “Sister of blood” (Folio),

Daria Gnatko, “Mazurewicz” (family leisure Club),

Les Demski, “the Summer of the psychiatrist” (the Legend),

Max Kidruk, “Where there is no God” (family leisure Club),

Oleg Kotsarev, “People in the nest” (a storage room),

Andrey Kurkov, “Gray bees” (Folio),

Andriy Lyubka, “Your opinion, CIO-CIO-San” (Meridian Czernowitz),

Alexander Oleinik, “the Daily sound” (Calvary),

Illarion Pavlyuk, “White ash” (KKH).

“Children’s book of the year BBC-2018”:

Andrey Bachinsky, “Gang of merry tramps” (KKH),

Galina Vdovichenko, “the Owl who wanted to be a bird” (Black sheep),

Anastasia Volkhovskaya, “Alinovi bear: calendar dreamers” (Vivat),

Sasha Dermansky, “Mary” (A-BA-BA-HA-LA-MA-HA),

Yulia ilyukha, “As Gritsik Fly-nehochuha won” (Monolith),

Sergey Kuts, “Zuzya” (Fountain of fairy tales),

Marina Matushenko, “Dark side of the house” (KKH),

Natalia, Maletić, Il”. The tale of the birth” (KKH),

Tanya Malyarchuk, “MOX Nox” (KKH),

Natalia Matolinets, “Hesse” (Vivat),

Anastasiya Nikulina, “Flock” (Vivat),

Lana RA, “How to cheer up lonely” (Novatorfilm),

Mr Rutkowski, “Shirik with Kites of the mountains” (KKH),

Sergey Tovstenko, “Repair flying wonders” (Published Global Buks),

Oleg Sorcerer, “Monsters in the closets” (Fountain of fairy tales),

Julia Chernenko, “Knight Maradiaga order” (Summit book).

Book of the year BBC – essay-2018″:

Andrew Cooper, “Cerebro” (KKH),

Vano Krueger, “When I hear the word culture…” (Laurus),

Artem Chapay, “The Ukraine” (Books XXI).

The winner of each category will receive a prize of 1 thousand pounds.

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