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Named trees with negative energy

Названы деревья с отрицательной энергетикойIn folk medicine has always used parts – bark, leaves, buds and flowers of different trees.

Useful qualities associated not only with healing properties contained in these juices, but also with the special energy that the people giving endowed each of these trees.

According to the most ancient beliefs of the Slavs there were trees with positive and negative energy. Some of it was useful to have the farm, build them, make furniture and kitchenware. Other recommended to avoid, not to create in the home a bad atmosphere.

Trees with poor energy


Powerful negative energy had, in the opinion of the Slavs, willow. The weeping willow with drooping branches set up in a negative way. Ancestors believed the willow tree, the drowned and suicides. In ancient times there was belief that it branches to live wood spirits that took the image of the young beauties. Also they could be the restless souls of the drowned in the river girls.

IVA Manila to yourself women experiencing acute emotional pain. But she never got it treated, and even more aggravated, so it was considered something of a tree-vampire. IVA belonged to the so-called “female” trees. According to modern doctors, bad reputation willows caused by her appearance. Heavy branches bent to the ground, can bring on sad thoughts of the people who are prone to melancholy. Any other harm it brings.

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Tree-the vampire of the Slavs believed and aspen. According to them, it was a powerful drive negative energy and literally “sucked” from people power. Unpleasant associations of our ancestors was aroused, and shivering at the slightest breeze the leaves of the aspen. This phenomenon resembled the whispers of invisible spirits, so people’s beliefs gave aspen a powerful magical properties.

Probably from that place in the Middle ages there was a legend that only a stake can kill a vampire. In fact, it is only superstition. Most trees, once considered dangerous, do not bring the person any harm.


Very similar properties endowed and poplar. In ancient times believed that he too gathers in itself all the negative, bad energy. Under the poplar is not recommended to sleep, because it supposedly could take away from the strength. Modern science claims that it is just a superstition. No such effect of poplar has not. Of course, if people themselves are not convinced.

Cherry and Rowan

These plants are also considered to be vampires, “exhaust” of human energy. However, their fruits and leaves are widely used in household and folk medicine that can be easily explained by the abundance of vitamins. Especially good are rich in vitamin C the fruit of the Rowan, a great help with colds.

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The cherry was considered intoxicating plant. This is due to the strong perfume it in the flowering period. This is the truth. Indeed, a very strong smell of bird cherry can cause headaches, nasal congestion and watery eyes in sensitive people and Allergy sufferers.

Trees with good energy

The plants with positive energy Slavs brought fruit trees (pear, Apple, cherry), as well as oak, pine, maple, cedar and of course birch, the symbol of Russian spirituality. These trees, according to the ancestors, give the people strength, health and peace of mind.

Science totally agree with that. Living nature has healing properties, a very positive influence on psychoemotional state of a person. It has, in turn, favourably affects physical health. No wonder since ancient times, the Slavs were looking for calm and peace in the soul, walking in the forests and meadows. There they received a huge energy boost, which helped to cope with any disaster.

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