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Named top five favorite contemporary authors Ukrainians

Названы пять самых любимых современных авторов украинцевThe publisher said books which writers buy most often.

In each area there are modern writers who enjoy reading and do not miss the presentation of new editions.

Ukrainian publisher anetta Antonenko called the 5 contemporary authors who are willing to buy and read in all regions.

Lyubko Deresh. Writer, author of novels, who last year won the title “Golden writer of Ukraine”. The main characters of his works — teenagers. The author tries to show interesting stories from their lives. In the works uses common modern slang and swear words.

Irene Rozdobudko. One of the most successful Ukrainian writers. Is a multiple winner of literary contest “Coronation of word”. He published several dozens of very different books. It’s mysteries, love, psychological, satirical novels and even children’s books.

Maria Matios. Writes prose and poetry. Among the five contemporary writers who read and know in Ukraine.

Andrii Kokotiukha. Writes novels and scripts. He published 40 books. In 2012 he received the award “Golden writer of Ukraine”.

The Kapranov Brothers. Write in the genre of science fiction. In the past year issued a new novel, “Forget river”. The book present not only in large cities but in small towns and villages.

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