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Named the worst used cars

Названы худшие подержанные автомобилиThe car, after purchasing you will almost certainly get a lot of problems.

In the secondary market represented a great variety of cars a variety of makes, models, years of release and modifications. However, choosing a used car, the inexperienced buyer may run into a frankly unsuccessful or very costly in maintenance of equipment.

Submitted 10 vehicles after purchase which you will almost certainly get a lot of problems.

Mazda RX-8

Mazda RX-8 (produced from 2003-2012) — the car really unique, unusual, fast and fun. But for appearance and beautiful performance lies the source of the headache of each of its owners — the rotary engine. Triple “Wankel” working volume of 1.3 liters gives up to 231 horsepower, while its resource is extremely rarely comes to the ridiculous 100,000 km of mileage, and zhor oil, fuel consumption and emissions through the roof. Replace the motor with a new one will cost a round sum. That is why most represented on the secondary instances of the installed contract low-capacity motor of traditional design (another physically will not fit under the hood) with which the driving characteristics can’t begin to approach the passport. If you buy a car, either for collection or as a designer, where you can pick your free time.

Mitsubishi Lancer X

Mitsubishi Lancer X — is another “Japanese” with a mixed reputation. The model has received a great aggressive and catchy design, which is not supported technically, this car is mediocre in everything — it’s disgusting goes, has a horrible interior, unfairly roads in service and causing issues with security. The “Lancer” is extremely stiff suspension, poor sound insulation, mediocre ergonomics, frankly cheap finish and very poor equipment. This car loses practically all competitors in C-segment, while having not the lowest price tag. Fortunately, Mitsubishi is the time to realize the failure of the model and rejected the idea of its modernisation. Probably the only version worth considering for purchase — the Evo X. But it can only advanced drivers.

Dodge Journey

Dodge Journey presented in front-and all-wheel drive execution. American crossover was at the junction of segments — who thinks his SUV, someone in the van. The car is ideal for family trips and for such purposes is usually acquired. He has a comfortable and richly equipped interior with plenty of useful things. And all would be well, that’s just driving qualities problems a lot of machine mercilessly leaning in corners and the front wheels will try to push wide. Transmission occasionally “falls” and starts to “slow down”. In addition, the machine does not possess the reliability and regularly gets among the most expensive maintenance. The V6 engine is extremely voracious, and the safety car does not meet modern standards. Any repairs to models costing a pretty penny.

Cadillac Escalade

American Cadillac Escalade looks a real lump on the back of other cars. It’s huge, prestigious, roads, has excellent off-road abilities. But the drawbacks are he has many, though clearly not relevant to the status of the brand. Terrible control, flawed pendant, cotton brakes, cramped third row of seats and the worst in class reliability — these are just some of the reasons to look at another car of the same level. Throw in the not-too-high-quality Assembly. In General, it is rather a property than a car for each day. However, rots and “American” very quickly.

Citroen C5

With the Citroen C5 everything is not so simple. He is handsome, sophisticated, well-equipped and efficiently built, easily compete with other members of D-class. And in terms of comfort can easily compete with cars of higher segment. Just here lies “ambush” — in this model, in addition to the usual spring used hydropneumatic suspension Hydractive 3+. It is whimsical, technically challenging and requires greater attention. If you are willing to accept this fact and take care of her, but at the same time electrical and capricious as capricious engine (joint development of PSA and BMW), this machine could be a good choice for you. However, beginners and drivers who are not willing from time to time to invest in the not-too budget repair, we advise against buying such “liners” they are not too tough, though is the secondary is very, very little.

Daewoo Nexia

With the Daewoo Nexia picture is completely opposite. It namugenyi car, which is bought, you are guaranteed to feel like a native of Central Asia each, even the shortest trip. The model is as old as the world, safe as “Lada” and completed as “Morhunivka”. Its production started in 1986, and in technical terms this is a vintage German Opel Kadett E, produced from 1984 to 1991. Weak engines “Nexia” hardly allow this machine to somehow travel through space, but the main problem is not even that — look at a car, you can see how it rusts. After two or three years on the gland, there are clear pockets of rust, chrome peel off, and then the machine goes to the market to look for a new caring and unassuming owner.

Chery Amulet

But there is a “Nexia” and competitors. For example, the Chinese Chery Amulet, who came among the first affordable cars. In the early 2000s, when the model started to officially sell in our country, consumers have not distinguished knowledge of products from China and willing to sell dangerous and frankly poor quality cars. They can be purchased now on the secondary market, but it is better still not to do it. Undoubted and the only advantage of this model is its license 1.6-liter Mitsubishi motor, otherwise the car can boast of nothing. In fact it is illegally copied Seat Toledo, established in the early 80-ies of the last century on the platform of Golf-2. Car mercilessly rot, in addition, to get him for spare parts is very difficult. About any security in the car not even have to talk — in case of accident to survive in it no chance: the basic version of the Chery Amulet crash test ARCAP received 0 stars (1.7 point out of 16 possible).

Suzuki Kizashi

Back to the cars a different level. Japanese sedan Kizashi appeared in 2009 as the first model of the Suzuki brand in the segment of D. Despite big ambitions, the model has failed and through a relatively short time and was discontinued — it simply could not compete due to uncontested 2.4-liter powertrain, a strange concept, close cabin, considerable cost and mediocre finishes. The main feature of the model with four-wheel drive, not too needed the car in this category. Aggregate base is also not so hot reliability: no engine, no transmission is not even close to be close to the best representatives of the segment. To buy this car is for one reason only — it is quite rare: in 2010 in our country, the Japanese brand was able to sell only 450 Kizashi.

Honda Crosstour

The Japanese model Honda Crosstour — too strange car that does not fit the standard classification. Apparently that’s why he never became popular in our country. Not a crossover, not a hatchback with a 3.5 liter engine and a fantastic price tag, which appeared in 2009, had good dynamics and rich equipment, including a huge ground clearance and system Real Time 4WD. The car was full of contradictions — not a drop of premium in it, and although the price tag suggests otherwise. The car is awkward and cumbersome for the city but outside, not much can boast. In General, neither fish nor fowl and a little exotic.

Chevrolet Lanos

And finally, another car-headache − Chevrolet Lanos. Despite the fact that this machine actually replaced already listed in our mournful list of the Daewoo Nexia it was mildly less outstanding. Under the hood Lanos registered upgraded engine from Kadett E Ascona C, with a high fuel consumption (9,5−10,0 l/100 km) and periodically igniting the icon “check engine” clean-up. Quality bodywork steel and painting mediocre — the car is actively rotting. An electrician is not reliable and often requires treatment. On the go car prowling, lurching turns unsafe. ZAZ — it and in Africa ZAZ. Buy it only as a first car or if you are the driver of the ascetic.

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