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Named the world’s only free from mosquito country

Названа единственная в мире свободная от комаров страна The exact reason for the lack of mosquitoes unknown to scientists.

And even though summer hikes through the magnificent Iceland is still far away, you can remember the amazing phenomenon in this country now – there are no mosquitoes. Why? That no one knows for sure.

No mosquitoes in Iceland or in the Faroe Islands, although in the neighbouring countries, these small and numerous bloodsuckers feel quite at ease. What they will not allow these “forbidden territory”? Some scientists argue that the blame for the oceanic climate of Iceland. But that’s what he thinks about the entomologist Erling Olafsson:

“All this is nonsense, because the oceanic climate is observed in many countries where mosquitoes live and breed safely. And harsh winters here there is nothing, in the Russian Siberia even more terrible conditions, and mosquitoes – more than enough. I would guess that the reason for that was the specific chemical composition of the soil and hence the water of Iceland. But, I emphasize, again this is my opinion, which may well be erroneous. However, mosquitoes that could be listed here even with the wind, why do not take root in Iceland. And it’s great!”

Although the lack of mosquitoes in this country remains the greatest natural mystery scientists have not figured out, tourists are very satisfied with this situation, because Iceland and the Faroe Islands, you can travel without fear of these little bloodsuckers, which will not help by any modern means, including and clothes.

So to go camping and sit there in tents – a pleasure, and the beauty of this region is simply amazing. Beauty without mosquitoes!

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