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Named the world’s best city for cyclists

Названы лучшие в мире города для велосипедистов Here they have perfect conditions.

The German architecture Museum in Frankfurt am main the exhibition “Go by bike! The conquest of the city” presented the successfully implemented concept in urban planning that encourage people to change from car to bike and make life in the urban environment comfortable and pleasant.

Examples of cities from around the world: from Groningen in the Netherlands to American Portland.

So, the Cycling capitals of the world are:

Groningen (Netherlands)

In this town with 200-thousand population in the North of the Netherlands the problem of traffic was solved back in the 1970’s, giving the town centre to pedestrians and cyclists. Today, more than 60% of the transport needs of this compact University city are made by Bicycle. So, of all Dutch cities clean air in Groningen.

Utrecht (Netherlands)

According to statistics, the Bicycle is every inhabitant of the Netherlands. Bikes here twice more than machines. In Utrecht, the fourth largest city of the Netherlands for cyclists and pedestrians built bridges and boulevards with green spaces, allowing you to quickly get from one point to another.

Lillestrom (Norway)

Stylish and practical Parking for two-wheeled can now boast of Oslo – the Norwegian capital of cyclists. The garage has capacity for 394 bicycles.

Copenhagen (Denmark)

In Copenhagen Cycling infrastructure was laid in the 1930-ies. But for decades a symbol of personal freedom for the Danes was the car. The situation changed when in the capital of Denmark redesigned for the needs of cyclists and pedestrians in whole areas in which there is a lot of greenery and recreational areas.

Münster (Germany)

The Bicycle capital of Germany is a University town of münster. But other German cities are transplanted to the bike. In Karlsruhe, for example, where 200 years ago, Carl Just invented the Bicycle (without pedals), urban redevelopment is carried out so that the people on the bike in five minutes can perform all their daily activities and responsibilities.

Portland (USA)

Not so long ago the Bicycle in American cities was exotic. Now the situation has changed. The Americans, too, appreciated the benefits of “non-motorized machines” and started to create the appropriate infrastructure. At the forefront of Portland in Oregon. Here for cyclists created hothouse conditions.

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