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Named the unique properties of balm “Asterisk”

Названы уникальные свойства бальзама «Звездочка»This balm in the medicine Cabinet of every family.

A few decades ago the balm “gold star”, popularly known as “star”, was a mandatory attribute in the Armory of the Soviet resident. However, not everyone knows that the composition of this miraculous ointment comes with 4 types of natural oils: cinnamon, peppermint, clove and eucalyptus.

If you defeated the common cold, it is customary to RUB the “Asterisk” area under the nose, with headache — apply the ointment on your temples, insect bites several times a day to smear the skin to relieve discomfort and a speedy recovery.

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But medicinal properties the “stars” are not over. We offer you to look at what other ailments is fighting this ointment.


Before you use the ointment first, check whether you are allergic to components. In addition, the ointment is contraindicated for children under two years of age.

Application of balm “Asterisk”
1. For toothache use these 4 points:

Названы уникальные свойства бальзама «Звездочка»

2. Apply the balm on these three points and massage them to best effect. Helps with colds!

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Названы уникальные свойства бальзама «Звездочка»

3. Cure sore throat in just a few clicks:

Названы уникальные свойства бальзама «Звездочка»

4. Use these points to relieve pain in the knee joint.

Названы уникальные свойства бальзама «Звездочка»

5. These 6 points help to overcome the flu:

Названы уникальные свойства бальзама «Звездочка»

6. For the prevention and treatment of sciatica, locate the following 4 points:

Названы уникальные свойства бальзама «Звездочка»

It should be remembered that “star” is only auxiliary means. If you feel unwell, contact your doctor.

Названы уникальные свойства бальзама «Звездочка»

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