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Named the true causes of obesity

Названы истинные причины ожиренияIt is often the extra pounds cause depression

If you think about it, laziness or reluctance to go to gyms can’t be considered causes of obesity, there are people who and sport, and eat enough – not polneya.

There are scientists that obesity could be attributed to the diseases hereditary. But this does not mean that if the previous generation is full of people, a child will be overweight.

Today fast food, all kinds of soft drinks and sandwiches are sold everywhere. These foods contain huge amount of calories, and with the spread of the power, many scientists attribute the obesity in the world is literally becoming an epidemic.

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Speed available your metabolism, the emergence of obesity is affected directly. A fast metabolism allows all the incoming calories to spend “on purpose”, but a slow, sluggish metabolism leads to body fat. Need exercise, to disperse, to accelerate in some way the metabolism. Such people just shows sports exercises and special diets.

According to recent studies scientists, and human psychology is of considerable importance in the formation of fatty deposits. Many people during the depression, or just in a bad mood, eating something delicious or sweet, so raise your spirits. While the cheer up and in other ways not harmful to health – go shopping, buy beads made from natural stones or take a bath with fragrant foam.

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It is often the extra pounds cause of depression, and people they “seize”, they say, will not be worse, and then the circle is closed and open it only for yourself. Such a diet, it is called also “food binge”, there is a third of the population of our planet, and many are not even aware that they are in their own psychological captivity.

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