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Named the streets of Kiev, which will soon appear bikeways

Названы киевские улицы, на которых вскоре появятся велодорожкиThe development of the Bicycle infrastructure capital continue.

Bicycle is a popular vehicle in Europe, because it is environmentally friendly, economical and helps to maintain physical form. Kiev attached to tendencies of movement in this way, therefore, for cyclists in 2019, will create a special track for more comfortable movement.

This year, the development of Cycling infrastructure of the capital will continue.

Deputy Chairman of the KSCA Dmitry Davtyan said that in 2018 began work on Bicycle lanes in the capital. The markup for this kind of transport has already appeared on 13 the streets. Including on on Prospekt Palladina, Zabolotnogo street, the Avenue of Truth and the Boulevard of Friendship of Peoples. In addition, the planned road construction on the street Dovbusha street Brovary is also provided a device or combination of paths.

According to Davtyan, in the current year will begin construction of bike lanes on riverside drive. Also they build on the streets borshchahivska, Charles, Chernobyl avenues of Stepan Bandera and Komarova, on the Metropolitan highway.

Note that in 2018 in Kiev, launched the first public rental bike “Bike sharing”. Rent bikes and ride around the city is becoming commonplace for inhabitants of Kiev. Active people who follow a healthy lifestyle, like to use this vehicle not only for recreation but also as a way to get to work.

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