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Named the strangest diet popular in the past

Названы самые странные диеты, популярные в прошлом Acetic, alcoholic and sleepy diet began opening and horror to nutritionists.

The problem of excess weight were raised by the scientists of antiquity repeatedly. After studying the manuscripts of the past, the researchers were able to identify five of the most insane diets.

Vinegar diet tested Lord Byron, gave him not only decrease pounds but also aristocratic pallor. In the end use method has not brought, and Byron died at age 36. In the 70-ies of the last century, the United States conducted the reformulation of the method and advised dieters to take in more acidic food products, promotes the breakdown of fat.

Chewing diet States that all the pieces should be hard to grind a teeth at least 30 times. Dr. Horace Fletcher, helped the followers to their result in dropped 18 kg.

The most humorous and interesting seemed sleepy diet. The adherents of this method were advised to drink sleeping pills and sleep. Without food the body automatically dropping excess weight. According to some sources, this diet even was fond of Elvis Presley.

In 30-ies in the United States appeared the banana diet. The method was strange, as this exotic fruit has great nutritional power. Advertising this diet did the sellers of bananas, which caused a huge public scandal.

The most unusual was the alcohol diet. British king William the Conqueror in pursuit of a dream to ride a horse decided to eat nothing and only drink when alcohol. Soon his dream came true, but he was given to the custody of doctors for a broken neck during a regular “drunk” trip.

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