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Named the “soul” of the city for travel

Названы самые «душевные» города для путешествий[b]will never be bored Here.[/b]

The choice of direction for the journey – no easy task. All the time torn between the warm countries and fjords, densely populated cities and the wild jungles… Well, there is a generic version – “a friend”.

The other was the host of the show “Attack whale” on UFO TV Sergio Kunitsyn, who has traveled halfway around the world and identified the top 3 with the most sincere directions!

[b]Brazil – Rio de Janeiro[/b] - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Perhaps, this is the country and the city in which I want to go, and I return. Here, you can feel a special spirit, a completely different atmosphere, which helps to find emotional balance. Many believe Brazil, and Rio in particular, dirty, scruffy and generally not the best place to stay. So – you are wrong! Rio de Janeiro is a colorful city with spectacular scenery, colourful beach culture, infrastructure and of course the famous carnival.

In Rio every step of the way attractions. Definitely suggest to go to the statue of Christ. Don’t think it’s corny – this visit will change your brain. Better to do it on weekdays, except Fridays, as there are crowds of people… I went down once out of three hours, which is a little annoying. Ways to get there are two: red train or bus. I suggest the train – it’s faster, and there’s air to breathe. In the stuffy bus, and then many more to walk.

Sugar loaf is the second “mast-sea” in Rio. It is a rock with a huge deck with a rope-way. Here the best views of the city and so the air you are unlikely to ever forget! Needless to say that the photos turn out incredible? The only negative – expensive restaurants and souvenir shops.

In an optional program for connoisseurs suggest to include the fair, which takes place twice a month on the square General osório where you can find everything from leather goods and Souvenirs to gems, jewelry, paintings…
A nice evening walk along the promenade! As for the food, then you can choose a café/restaurant/shop for every taste. For me the best restaurant – “ZAZA”. He is in the house, which allegedly lived a witch named ZAZA. Very tasty!

Useful tips: better to fly with a stopover in Amsterdam than in Paris. In Paris, moving through the terminals, and not always released out of your final in which a small Duty Free and two cafes. And in Amsterdam is a huge airport with tons of restaurants, massage parlors, a large “duty” and so on.

In the heart of Rio on arrival take a taxi only with accreditation, and to ensure that the meter. Otherwise it will be very expensive.

Better to live in Ipanema, the legendary, the most peaceful and safest.

Thrown out garbage on the street the fine is $ 150, cheaper not to make a mess.


The capital of Cuba is an eternal holiday, which feel like a hero “Dirty dancing”. Many tourists want white sand of Varadero and seal of rest, but once you have got to Cuba, don’t miss the magical charm of Havana! Here Shine and poverty creates a dramatic contrast, and every wall, door, corner of Paradise for a man with a keen sense of beauty! Havana need to photograph, to breathe, to try to feel full. To live better, of course, overpriced fancy hotels, but authentic can be felt only in the local “Kasa”.

Take a stroll through Havana vieja is the old town, which is an amazing colonial architecture, plazas, the Capitol… it is Better to take a guide who can tell interesting stories about the area. However, I do not believe that there is some night life. “Nocturne,” the right to look in Vedado – it’s the energy, the nightlife, lots of discos, all hanging out, partying and drinking rum. On the “Plaza Vieja”, you can find delicious food and beer.

To suggest a walk on the Malecon is the longest promenade in the evenings there are fun local, they are easy to meet and find out where to buy the best Cuban cigars. Also not superfluous to visit the Cathedral. Cristobal, listen to street salsa, go to market and feel the true atmosphere – a bustling and charming Havana. If you want a delicious seafood – not too lazy to go to Havana 61.


Barcelona is the city of love! Breathe it streets, squares, cafes, beaches and people. Hot Spanish chick and Spanish and beckon to the dance, relaxation and enjoyment. You can just walk along the promenade of Barcelona, stroll along the Ramblas, go to the food market together with gulls to watch sunset.

If you want a busy holiday, the attractions here are a dime a dozen! The Gothic quarter, Gaudi buildings (e.g. Casa batlló), especially the Sagrada Familia, Park Guell, camp Nou stadium. In General, you can just open the guide and at every step you will find some kind of landmark.

Definitely suggest to go to Montjuic and the Magic fountain!

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Accommodation in Barcelona can also be found on any taste, I usually stay with friends. Travelers, who are not so lucky, suggest to resort to couchsurfing or look for apartments on one of the comfortable sites.
Needless to say that the food here is a work of art? Tapas, paella, but the sangria… it’s Unlikely you’ll ever forget the taste! Even a specific restaurant I will not advise – delicious everywhere!

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