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Named the smartphone with the best camere

Названы смартфоны с лучшими камермиTOP 5 flagship phones

Have you ever thought that every year it becomes the most important in smartphone? For someone to iron for someone operating system, for some battery, but for most users, important camera. Because people like to surprise people and take beautiful photos of yourself, scenery, friends, etc.

And so here’s the top 5 flagship phones.

5. Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+

I never liked Samsung, especially in terms of the camera, but the S9 is the work on the bugs, though small. Not happy with what the regular version has one photo module and does not allow for portrait shots. Why to do portraits need to buy a larger version of the flagship – Galaxy S9 Plus?

Okay, that is interesting? Galaxy S9 has a function of a variable diaphragm from f/2.4 to f/1.5, though, useless, but quite unusual. Actually Galaxy S9 is very different from the previous model. Change aperture really helps with night shots, and so is smartphone from Korean brand boasts good picture quality, details, colors, but upsets the presence of sharp photos and sometimes problems with glare. Many people do not like the look of people’s faces in the images from the Samsung. Often users say that face get like plastic, but in General the camera on the Galaxy S9 is one of the best we right now and check the cooking for You the following review.

4. LG V30

LG smartphones have always been outsiders in terms of sales, but they make very high quality smartphone with a decent camera. The Korean campaign has its own particularity: they are the ones who make a camera with a wide viewing angle.

LG V30 is a set of good quality photographs and videos. Pictures on LG V30 is juicy, detailed, very pleasant and, plus, wide lens as well as photographs. Camera flagship, but the V30 is different from the other competitors. This smartphone is designed to shoot stunning videos. LG attracted professional operators from Hollywood to work on the video part and they came. A bunch of cinematic filters, support for films, painting videos directly from the smartphone. We could list a whole list of interesting features, but in General, the camera in LG V30 at a very high level in terms of video V30 has no equal.

Once again, the camera on LG V30 compared with camera RED for$ 50,000. After processing and grading of the difference practically was not visible.

3. iPhone X

This top could not do without a smartphone on iOS. The camera of the iPhone X is not bad, though is not the best among flagships. iPhone X version can boast of the best detail shots, good color, but in some moments… take a Picture of something on your iPhone and enough horror.

Problems the camera has with balance white and glows. In dark time of day falls heavily, the detail photo, but there is a great portrait mode with different “Studio” functions. iPhone have always loved the smoothness of the video, but now a dozen records still and video in 4K/60 fp/s! Not many smartphones can boast such an indicator

2. Pixel 2

Pixel 2 is considered to be the best cameraphone on the market. Google bends the line with the statement that the smartphone does not need a second camera to take stunning photos. The company has improved the software in comparison with the first generation and it turned out bomb.

Pixel 2 has just one photo module Sony IMX362 with a resolution of 12.2 MP and Pixel to take pictures in portrait mode, moreover, the pictures come out perfect without the second module, everything can be solved with the help of software. In terms of photos, yet there is no equal smartphone from Google. The pictures are amazing, but many claim that the footage on Pixel 2 off color due to the proprietary HDR+ mode and they do not even need to be processed. But someone like this approach to photography like even more. Took a picture and posted to social networks.

Still worth noting the front camera, because the Pixel 2, it is able to do the same portraits as the main camera and in daylight hours the frame to the front camera turns out almost the same as the primary. This is not seen in any smartphone, and as Google has managed to make such a frontalka – is unclear. Video capability is also very cool, Google has Packed into its flagship two stabilization: optical and electron that eventually gave the ability to shoot almost perfect smoothness of the video.

We already did a review of the Google Pixel 2 and shared the archive with the photographs on it, and soon put the camera Google Pixel 2 and Galaxy S9.

1. Huawei P20/Pro

Huawei P20 – new Chinese smartphone brand. On March 27, he was officially presented at the presentation in Paris and will go on sale still at the end of April, but still need to talk about it. Traditionally, Huawei has developed a chamber together with the German photo giant Leica. This time is to surprise. P20 has two cameras, one module on 40Мп color, monochrome on the second 20mp. Have as much as P20 Pro 3 camera and the third module is responsible for 8MP photos with 3x optical zoom. This was not done still by anybody, and we talked about this in one narrative, with examples, pictures on Huawei. The most we saw was 2-fold zoom. Plus, at P20 the many features that strongly pulled, for example, the night shots with exposure. Huawei themselves claim that their camera is the best among the competitors. All our “favorite” edition DxOmark put Huawei P20 record 102 points, and the Pro version at all 109.

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In some respect, Huawei turned revolutionary camera support AI (artificial intelligence), but looking at the camera, I came to the conclusion that she is not inferior to camera Google Pixel 2, and in some moments even superior to the Google phone novelties, namely, portrait photography and pictures on the front camera, but inferior to the Chinese night. It is worth to wait for this smartphone and personally see what it is.

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