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Named the river, polluting the oceans

Названы реки, загрязняющие Мировой океанNine of the world’s rivers carry to the ocean 90% of the plastic that pollutes the environment.

Center for environmental studies Helmholtz Leipzig conducted a study and came to the conclusion that the situation with the ecological condition of the rivers is far from ideal.

Below we will discuss 9 rivers, which are major pollutants of the oceans.

Yangtze River, China

The Yangtze is the longest and abundant river of Eurasia, the third river in the world in affluent and length.

Flows through the territory of China, has a length of about 6300 km, the area of 1 808 500 km2.

The basin of the Yangtze covers about a fifth part of China’s territory, it is home to about a third of all residents of the country.

According to the study, this river carries 1.5 million tonnes of plastic annually.

Haihe, China

Haihe river in the East of China, is formed by the confluence of Baihe, Weihe, Czaja and Datinga. From the mouth of the Wei river to the confluence of the Bohai Gulf of the Yellow sea has a length of 102 km and from its source – 1090 km.

In the basin Haihe home to about 11% of China’s population, and there are 10% of the arable land of the country, so for business needs using up to 70% of the river runoff.

Guanhe, China

The yellow river in China, one of the largest rivers of Asia. Translated from the Chinese language its name “Yellow river”, due to abundance of sediment, giving a yellowish tint to its waters.

Eroding loess plateau and Shanxi mountains, the yellow river every year makes the 1.3 billion tons of suspended sediment, occupying the first place among the rivers of the world.

Intensive sediment deposition in the lower course raises the riverbed, which is located at altitudes from 3 to 10 m above the surrounding plains.

In order to protect from flooding of the yellow river and its tributaries fenced massive system of dams, the total length of which is about 5 thousand km.

Currently, the yellow river is the second most polluted river in China.

In recent years, due to the growth of cities and industry in the basin of the yellow river, its volume is greatly reduced.

Many minor and some major tributaries almost dried up, what else enhances the degree of contamination of the river downstream.

Zhujiang, China

Pearl river – the third longest river in China after Jantzi of the yellow river, has a length of about 2200 km.

In affluent ranks second behind the Yangtze.

On the developed pearl river pearl fishing, which gave its name to the river – originally it applied only to navigable branch of the river Delta of the xijiang, which is Guangzhou, but then the name Pearl river was used for the entire river basin xijiang.

The Indus, China, India, Pakistan

Indus is a major river in South Asia, originated in China in the Himalayas and runs mostly through the territory of North-Western India and Pakistan. Length of the Indus – 3180 km, the basin area – 980 000 km2.

There is flow of sea water into the river, the salt water goes up to 75 km upstream.

The lack of fresh water and inflow of sea led to the destruction of large areas of agricultural land, few settlements on the coast ceased to exist, hundreds of thousands of people were forced to change their place of residence.

Strong wave energy inherent in the waters of the Delta of the Indus, together with the stoppage of sediment is causing desertification and deformation of the shoreline.

Ganges, India and Bangladesh

The Ganges is one of the most full-flowing and long (2700 km) of rivers of South Asia. The basin area of the river – 1 060 000 km2.

The river is actively used for irrigation. The basin of the Ganges, with an area of more than 1 million km2, is one of the most densely populated regions of the Earth.

Navigation on the river is now more complicated and is possible only from the mouth to Kanpur punt.

Ganges is the main water artery of the Bengal and North-Eastern States of India, often seen as a symbol of the entire country.

The Amur, Russia and China

The Amur river in the Russian far East in East Asia. Flows through the territory of Russia and the border of Russia and China. Length – 2824 km (from the confluence of the Shilka and Argun rivers).

In the area of the basin (1855 km2) of the Amur river ranks fourth among the rivers of Russia (after the Yenisei, Ob and Lena) and the tenth place among the rivers of the world.

In the river recorded the maximum permissible concentration of phenol, nitrate and microbiological indicators.

Neil, different countries

Nile river in Africa, one of the greatest longest river systems in the world.

Water system of the Nile is the longest on Earth.

The basin area of the Nile river is 349 km2.

The river water used for irrigation and electricity production.

In the Delta and the Nile valley is home to almost the entire population and is based almost the entire economy of Egypt.

The largest cities are Cairo, Khartoum, Aswan, Alexandria.

Niger, different countries

Niger – the most important river in West Africa. The length of 4180 km, basin area of 2 117 700 km2, the third of these options in Africa after the Nile and the Congo.

The most fertile lands in the inner Delta and estuarine Delta. The river brings in the year of 67 million tons of silt.

Navigation on the river is developed only in some areas, especially from city Niamey to the confluence with the ocean.

In the river inhabited by a large number of fish (perch, carp, etc.), so locals fishing

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