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Named the real reason for the extinction of the dinosaurs

Названа реальная причина вымирания динозавровScientists have named the “killers” of the dinosaurs.

German scientists from the Potsdam Institute for climate change confirmed the theory of the dinosaurs and 75% of all living organisms as a result of cold and darkness. Data climatic changes occurred on Earth because of a meteorite with a diameter of 10 km on the territory of the present Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico.

These conclusions of experts based on the results of the study simulated conditions that led to the extinction of prehistoric animals 65 million years ago. According to scientists, the crucial role was played by a layer of sulfuric acid mist in the atmosphere which had covered the Earth from the sun’s rays.

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As reported scientists, the almost complete darkness enveloped our planet for decades. This has led to the decreased average temperature is 26 degrees and within three years it was below zero. Modeling has shown that the Earth’s climate has recovered only three decades later.

The absence of light has led to the fact that photosynthesis of vegetation has become impossible. Killed many plants, and in the Wake behind them and herbivorous dinosaurs and predators. The disappearance of the prehistoric giant lizards stimulated the spread of small mammals on the planet that could adapt to cold and later to the appearance of people.

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