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Named the real cause of the death of the dinosaurs

Названа настоящая причина гибели динозавровDinosaur destroyed the poisonous space cloud.

Giant reptiles that dominated the Earth millions of years ago, it wasn’t an asteroid, as considered in the framework of the conventional scientific paradigm, but something even more devastating. Scientists believe that the dinosaurs destroyed a cosmic molecular cloud that enveloped the planet.

Incredible size and density of the cloud of ionized molecules coming from outer space, has become something of a poisonous bedspreads, Odoevskogo the dinosaurs, scientists believe, confirming their words with results of mathematical modeling.

“We conducted a comprehensive study of the use of software modeling, the result of which found that in poisonous clouds from space were much more likely to destroy all the dinosaurs, than the asteroid. The latter, even to a considerable size, could hardly kill all lizards”, say astrophysics. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

But molecular cloud hanging over the Land for many centuries, it would have coped with this task.

So mankind should not be afraid of asteroids, and molecular clouds. Moreover, with this scourge, unlike asteroids, you can’t fight technology available to us.

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