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Named the products that will best save you from a hangover

Названы продукты, которые лучше всего спасают от похмельяHelpful information ahead of the weekend

In the first place, after consuming alcohol is dehydrated and needs fluids. It is best to drink water with lemon and ginger, herbal and green tea. Useful tomato juice. It is rich in various acids, vitamin C, potassium, sodium, pectin and lycopene. All these useful elements will speed up the process of removing toxins from the body and return your energy. Tomato juice can be supplemented with herbs and spices – so delicious.

Very often after violent alcoholic “rest” the stomach can’t cope with many dishes. Therefore, it is worth to know some products that rejuvenate and give vigor. It is best in the morning – it’s chicken broth. The stomach will appreciate this gift and will quickly return to duty. Make the broth as easy – just add chicken, onion, greens, carrots and celery. You can also try scrambled eggs. Eggs contain amino acids that break down toxins. Taurine, which is found in eggs, regenerate the liver after alcohol poisoning and normalizes its work. But it is necessary to refuse from excessive fatty and fried dishes with eggs.

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Avocado will help to restore the balance of potassium and improve the supply of oxygen to the brain. Also helpful are berries, fruits and vegetables. It is an instant and tasty vitamin charge. Ideal if as part of your smoothie will have a banana or avocado, which contain large amounts of potassium, mineral acids and trace elements.

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