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Named the previously unknown cause of obesity

Названа неизвестная ранее причина ожиренияEating in front of the TV at 40% increased risk of obesity.

American nutritionists have observed eating more than 12 thousand people. It is established that if people have lunch or dinner in front of the TV, then the risk of the subsequent development of obesity in these increases by 40%.

Adults who never turn the TV on during mealtimes, thereby reducing the risk of obesity on the marked 40%. A further 26% can be reduced, if you prefer home-cooked meals rather than eat in cafes or restaurants. Although the findings of this study do not seem to be something new, the authors emphasize that the majority of people in many countries continue to eat in front of the TV. And it becomes a cause of unconscious absorption of more calories.

In previous studies it was determined that people should eat with the family to reduce the risk of obesity. Now scientists have proved that man can safely eat alone or in a group, but it is important to eat home-cooked meals and not to look at the TV. Study participants told researchers from Ohio Colleges of Medicine about how often they eat at home with family members, how often do you watch the TV, and what amount of food is prepared at home.

The researchers then calculated the body mass index of each person. If it exceeds 30, it talked about obesity. In this category fell by approximately 35%. The researchers found that the amount of food that a person consumes, together with members of his family, does not affect the likelihood of obesity. But home cooking has helped to reduce its risks.

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