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Named the previously unknown cause of cancer

Названа неизвестная ранее причина возникновения онкологииScientists have found another reason contributing to cancer.

British scientists for several years conducted a study which tried to identify all the possible causes of cancer. Such agiotage around of cancer can be explained by the fact that the disease is one of the most dangerous of all diseases, it is deadly and it annually kills thousands of people across the globe. Moreover, the statistics of mortality from malignant tumors and metastases every year it becomes more comforting.

Results of a global survey of scientists in the UK

The researchers at the end of the project found a “thread” on the relationship between mental health and its predisposition to cancer. According to them, study participants who at the time of going through various medical examinations were dispirited or even depressed, several times was closer to the risk of cancer.

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It should be noted that this study involved more than 160 thousand British and all of them before was completely healthy, except for some who have observed minor and quite noticeable the disorder.

Scientists have determined that people with unstable mentality, depression, apathy and other manifestations of a bad mood, as much as one-third increased risk of developing some types of cancer, as opposed to those who did not have similar violations initially.

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As a result of this study, the researchers identified four body which may be cancerous people in a depressed state for a long time. Is prostate, pancreas, bowel and esophagus.

At the moment, British scientists continue to establish the relationship between depression and the risk of cancer, because 100% of the evidence they had at the time of the global study and they shared suppositions.

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