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Named the new the cause of the explosions Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is already out of production, itself Samsung lost billions of dollars, users have lost confidence in the brand, but the flagship is a loser with extremist tendencies all not coming from news feeds. Today was named the new cause of the explosions seven “Notes,” while unofficial, but still similar to the truth.

The official cause of the spontaneous combustion of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 to be announced before the end of this month, and yet there was an assumption that it’s not the battery, and in poorly designed layout of the insides of the machine. According to experts, inside the phone though, and a lot of space, but the electronic components are located too close to the battery and put pressure on it, causing it to ignite. It is understandable — no one likes when the neighbors begin to violate personal space.

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On the one hand, it seems quite logical, but there is a caveat: the battery in Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is in a separate compartment, which in theory should prevent any contact with other components. But still, if the idea is expressed, so it is based on something. I really hope that Samsung engineers will get to the bottom and correct the error that she became part of the next flagship, the S8.

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