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Named the most vulnerable part of the Crimean bridge

Названа самая уязвимая часть Крымского мостаGuarantees that the object will last 25 years, no one gives, says ex-Deputy head of the emergencies Ministry.

To date, the Crimean bridge, indeed, subject to a number of devastating natural factors, due to which the design of the facility or its individual parts may not withstand the load and collapse.

“Crimean bridge I would describe as a risky object, which must be watched closely, how he will behave and how reliable will work. 100% guarantee that it will function without problems, nobody will. There will always be a possibility that this bridge will be destroyed because it is in such a critical area that is prone to natural disasters are very severe storms that begin in the area since November and continued almost until the summer. Storms are often very aggressive. As construction of this bridge will withstand natural loads, we will see. It is necessary for him to observe and examine,” said he.

According to Kvasha, who built this bridge, it may not give an absolute guarantee that an object of a given infrastructure facility will last 25-100 years.

“I would to such “safeguards” were treated very carefully, because I am not sure that this bridge is able to withstand a natural disaster. I know that earlier there were many intentions to build a bridge, but not all designers who are responsible for the construction, survey, hydrology, and soil, where it was necessary to drive piles, gave an unequivocal “good”. For example, there is a certain probability that there may be underground issues with landslide phenomena can the movement of the soil at a certain depth,” explained Kvasha.

The former Deputy Minister also added that there are some problems with the base of the soil in which piles hammered in the construction of “Putin’s”bridge.

“I think that the most vulnerable – the Central part of the bridge, she will be the most exposed to all sorts of tests of strength, stamina, endurance. It’s the Central part of the 19-km bridge will be the most prone to natural disasters,” he concluded.

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