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Named the most useful sweetness to children’s health

Названа самая полезная сладость для детского здоровьяThe best snack for a student.

Raisins are the most suitable food for children snack at school. It helps the student be satisfied, and prevents the consumption of excess calories in between meals.

A new study presented at the annual meeting of the Canadian nutrition society, Vancouver. In the experiment, the researchers for 3 months was observed in 26 children aged 8-11 years with normal weight. At this time all the children were fed equally, but divided them into groups depending on snack food: raisins, grapes, potato chips or chocolate chip cookies.

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It turned out that the children from the group “raisins” most felt well-fed after such snacks than children in the other groups. They satisfy the appetite with fewer calories than the other snacks. Raisins nutrition makes children healthier and saves them from weight gain, concluded the researchers.

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