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Named the most useful sweetness for heart health

Названа самая полезная сладость для здоровья сердцаScientists told about the benefits of chocolate.

An international team of researchers found that regular consumption of moderate amounts of chocolate reduces the risk of atrial fibrillation of the heart.

Scientists from Harvard University, together with colleagues from Denmark and Canada has processed the registry data on the health status 55 502 patients with tendency to develop cardiovascular diseases.

The highest correlation between eating chocolate and reduced risk of atrial fibrillation of the heart observed in the case when women ate 30 grams of chocolate per week, and men from 60 to 180 grams. In the first case, the probability of developing atrial fibrillation was reduced by 21 percent and the second at 23 percent.

“Our study adds new data to the already accumulated facts about the health benefits of moderate consumption of chocolate, and stresses the importance of behavioral factors, potentially reducing the risk of developing arrhythmias,” – said Elizabeth Mostofsky from Harvard University, lead author of the study.

However, scientists warn that the study was only observational in nature, and conclusions were drawn based on correlation, without proof of the existence of a causal relationship.

“The use of excessive amounts of chocolate is not recommended, because many chocolate products contain a lot of calories from sugar and fat, which can lead to weight gain and other problems with metabolism. But moderate consumption of chocolate with high cocoa content can be a healthy choice,” said Elizabeth Mostofsky.

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