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Named the most useful substitute for coffee

Назван самый полезный заменитель кофеThis root has many beneficial properties.

Today, the use of chicory is increasingly discussed among people who are concerned about their health. The packaging of this soluble product is just replete with promises – drink is useful for hypertensive patients, the elderly, children, pregnant women, reduces sugar levels, suppresses appetite, helps the liver to cope with their “duties”.

However, some advocate natural medicine believe any of the drink source of toxic substances that simply poison the body. So whether chicory is considered more useful than coffee?

Useful properties of chicory is dictated by the beneficial substances in its composition. Source of fibre, tannins and vitamins is considered to be the root of the use of chicory for our organiziranja. There is also a salad of chicory, which has a more fleshy stems and roots.

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For the preparation of a beverage using roasted chicory root. With extraction get soluble concentrate. First, from the dry roasted root is made of strong “infusion”, and then a powder by drying the root in ovens sublimator.

The main useful component of chicory is inulin. This is a special kind of fiber, useful for the intestinal microflora. Bifidobacteria, which are the main “inhabitants” of the gastrointestinal tract, eat only fiber. Therefore, a Cup of chicory will be a real salvation for those who eat concentrated products, semi-finished products and flour products.

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If you are going to sit on a fruit or vegetable diet, be sure to include in your diet chicory. As you can see, the benefits of chicory, as the benefits of onion for our health, is pretty obvious.

Chicory is remarkable that resembles the taste of the coffee. Roasted root tart and bitter, so when you emergency it can replace your favourite drink. Replace coffee with chicory you should also during pregnancy. This will reduce the risk of constipation, heavy stomach, heartburn and preeclampsia. Chicory is a must in the menu hypertensives.

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