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Named the most useful products for women’s health

Названы самые полезные продукты для женского здоровьяMost of them low-fat that helps you to control body weight.

A woman’s body is exposed to during the life of the various tests. In addition to the difficult natural conditions and deteriorating quality of food and water, women are from youth to old age is susceptible to various hormonal storms that occur in connection with growing up, pregnancy, and loss of sexual function.

In the preparation of a balanced diet women should take into account all these factors.

At least we have 10 products that need to appear into your diet as often as possible.

1. Fiber
One of the important indicators of the health of the woman is, sorry for the delicate details, regularity and intestinal health. After all, there is the absorption and assimilation of most nutrients and vitamins and humus deposits there completely useless. Stagnation in the intestines and constipation poison the body, slow the metabolism, makes the grey complexion and dull hair. Products that contain fiber – a real panacea for these disasters. You need a great balanced Breakfast that contains a large number of coarse fibers.

2. Fish
Have you heard about fish oil? It contains all kinds of minerals and vitamins that are necessary women. The focus on fatty acids omega-3 and omega-6 that protect not only women’s health but also her youth. You can include eating more oily fish but avoid frying it. Better simmer, bake or boil.

3. Grapefruit
When you eat grapefruit, you get a lot of vitamin C which is an antioxidant, and also natural drug for weight loss. Yes, from grapefruit to lose weight, this action is based on the fact that bitter fruit starts your metabolism in an accelerated program. In addition, grapefruit stimulates the immune system and increases your energy level.

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4. Broccoli
Broccoli is considered to be the most important product for women, and all thanks to its anti-cancer properties. This vegetable is very useful for all the women you can prepare a lot of dishes – bake it with cheese or mix with pasta. You should eat a lot of broccoli, you love it.

5. Bow
Onion acts as a great anti-inflammatory. It fights viruses and germs. Onion contains a phenomenal amount of vitamin C, as well as volatile, having a pronounced antiseptic effect. In addition, it has compounds that thin the blood, causing it to better circulate throughout the body.

6. Lettuce
Include in your daily diet salads of green leaves: lettuce, spinach, arugula, watercress, Romaine, iceberg and others. Greens are an excellent source of iron, vitamins and fiber. At least once a week you should eat rich lettuce. This will help you to fill the level of vitamins and microelement healthy.

7. Beans
The drawback to legumes is that they can cause flatulence in the intestine, and this is bad. But you just have to eliminate from the diet of beans, sugar and meat and add more greens. You can also eat green beans, green beans, Lima beans, which cause less flatulence. But it is one of necessary things in your diet because beans and legumes are meat substitutes and other proteins.

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8. Oatmeal
Oatmeal is one of the best products to combat cancer and control diabetes. Women should be sure to have the oatmeal to get the necessary fiber. In addition to excellent bowel cleansing, oatmeal helps to control the level of female hormones. Oatmeal is the cheapest product that supplies the body with fiber and iron. A great option for Breakfast.

9. Sweet potatoes (Jerusalem artichoke)
Sweet potato is rich in minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. If you want to eat a good multivitamin product, prepare yourself Jerusalem artichoke. All women should take a multivitamin in order to live a healthy life and a sweet potato one of the great options. It can be bought on the markets have grandparents who grow Jerusalem artichokes in their gardens. Exotic brother of the Jerusalem artichoke – sweet potatoes you can buy in supermarkets, but is unlikely to change native products imported.

10. Nuts
A good source of vitamins, proteins, healthy fats and minerals. No man in the world, which would not be useful nuts. You can eat almonds, walnuts, or any other, in order to obtain the necessary nutrients. You can add nuts to oatmeal for Breakfast or use as a snack in the office. On your table every day must be nuts.

Now you know some very useful for women products. As you can see, most of them low-fat that helps you to control body weight. They also have a low glucose level. Do you eat these foods each week?

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