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Named the most useful products for the brain

Названы самые полезные продукты для мозгаEach of us would like to keep a sharp memory as you age.

Expert in healthy eating from Britain Cassandra Barnes called 6 foods that will help to implement it.


Fatty fish like salmon has omega-3 acids known as DHA. DHA, these are contained in large quantities in the gray matter of the brain – here is the proof that such food really good for your brain. Swiss researchers have assumed that a sufficient amount of DHA contributes to the preservation of memory, learning processes and increase IQ level.

Pumpkin seeds

These are very useful in nourishing the attitude seeds are excellent sources of zinc, which is essential for brain cognitive activity – thinking abilities, learning and logic. They are so full of magnesium that helps nervous signals travel through the body, including those signals that go from the brain and in the brain. In the seeds of many fatty acids and proteins.

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A fantastic product for many reasons, including benefits for your brain. The yolks are a lot of choline – vitamin-like substance necessary for normal functioning of the myelin sheath of nerves. Choline is needed for the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, which is important in learning and memory. Eggs are sources of vitamin b and iron, which helps the nervous system and cognitive functions.


The key dish of Japanese cuisine, seaweed contain useful minerals, and especially iodine. Like magnesium, iodine plays an important role in the health of the nervous system and brain, like zinc, it supports cognitive function. It’s hard enough to get the most iodine from the diet, and the algae give the opportunity.

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Dark chocolate

Good news for the sweet tooth – chocolate may be good food for the brain. Raw cacao beans filled with flavonol. These plant substances are powerful antioxidants, they have the potential to protect against Alzheimer’s disease.


Studies show that eating blueberries is especially useful for our brains in old age. The berries contain polyphenols, which protect against oxidative stress and inflammation.

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