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Named the most useful products for gastritis

Названы самые полезные продукты при гастритеGastritis is one of the most common diseases.

Man is so constituted that when he is passionate about any activity, work, his brain focuses only on the creation of something at work. Often, very emotional and sensitive people do not think about what they eat, when they managed to get something to eat.

But when in your belly, ill or sick person remembers that he has a stomach, and that his body should be fed preferably useful in food products. When stomach pain, discomfort, belching and nausea appears in person only occasionally, and when the pain calms down, he forgets about it and then continues this crazy race — work, home, shops, etc. Often, such a lackadaisical attitude towards their health creates serious problems.

From a poor diet primarily affect the stomach and the most common disease is gastritis, which can occur in various forms. The most important thing for recovery and treatment of gastritis of all types, except drug therapy is adherence to the diet.

And when the doctor establishes a diagnosis, before the man raises the question — which food can eat for gastritis? What can you eat for gastritis?

Porridge is the most healthy dish that you should eat for Breakfast anyone who has stomach problems. Especially for oatmeal, and buckwheat, they can be cooked with milk diluted with water, cereal with gastritis should be long enough to cook. You should not use the hot cereal that does not require cooking, they are of no use. It is better to buy oats and buckwheat, is much more useful.

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Crackers and white bread, use rye bread for gastritis is not allowed, as well as fresh bread has a bad effect on the gastric mucosa. Therefore, croutons, soaked in weak tea with milk or dried white bread during lunch is the best option.

Potato is a very useful and necessary product that is better to eat in mashed or boiled form. French fries — a very negative impact on the gastric mucosa, it should be abandoned altogether.

Soups — you can’t cook soups in a very rich broth, whether chicken or beef. If you can’t eat soup with cereals, you can use meat broth, but only highly diluted. You should also avoid any seasonings to the soups flavor enhancers, to eat soups in a warm, not hot.

Meat you can eat with gastritis, but only low-fat varieties — beef, veal, chicken, rabbit. Especially useful for gastritis steam cutlets since the meat is finely chopped and steam. If you just steam the meat, it should be very thoroughly chewed and not to abuse, since any meat products — load on the stomach. Naturally, neither smoked or smoked sausages to eat with gastritis not.

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Fish – only low-fat marine fish species, such as Pollock, cod, hake. Among the river fish better than perch and pike. From canned fish and fried fish should be abandoned at all, in their manufacture are being lost all the useful properties of any fish and a lot of spices or preservatives, carcinogens can be obtained with a vengeance. Like meat, fish is best steamed, limiting spices.

Can milk, yogurt, cheese, yogurt for gastritis?

In gastritis with high acidity of Milk consumption, especially with tea. All dairy products — yogurt, yogurt is also helpful for gastritis, but only if they are not too acidic. But the yogurt is not very useful because it has a high acidity.

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It is recommended that fresh cheese in a shabby. Among cheese products are very good for the stomach casseroles, lazy dumplings, cheese cakes, baked in the oven, but only in moderation.

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