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Named the most useful products for cleansing the body

Названы самые полезные продукты для очищения организмаTo safely cleanse the body without spending much.

It is scientifically proven that during the life of man, his power, there is accumulation of harmful substances (toxins) in the body.

Over time they begin to be deposited on the walls of blood vessels, within the articular bags, in the kidneys and gall bladder in the form of stones, as well as in the intercellular fluids and in cells.

This process is accelerated by poor eating, alcohol abuse, Smoking, overeating, harmful working conditions, bad environment, and to 40-50 years, and even earlier, resulting in most part to various chronic diseases.

To prevent this, according to experts, it is necessary from time to time to carry out the procedure of cleansing the body. This will help to properly chosen foods.


Cabbage includes a huge amount of dietary fiber that bind heavy metals and toxins and eliminated from the intestine. Also sprouts has organic acids that have a positive effect on digestion and stabilize the microflora.

But that’s not all. It contains a rare vitamin U, which “kills” the hazardous substances and takes part in the synthesis of vitamins and even heals ulcers.

How to use: can be fresh or pickled, or even in juice form.

Red beet

Red beet — the “cleaner” of organism №1. First, in the composition of beet — fiber, copper, phosphorus, vitamin C and a number of useful acids, which improves digestion and kills putrefactive bacteria in the intestines. Second, it includes a lipotropic substance “betaine”, which causes the liver to better get rid of toxins.

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And, thirdly, beets helps to rejuvenate the body by folic acid (created more new cells) and quartz (improves skin, hair and nails).

How to use: boiled, in soup or as salad or in juice form.


More than 400 useful components contains only one clove of garlic. These components clean out blood vessels, reduce cholesterol in the blood and kill the brain cancer cells glioblastoma multiforme!

Components of garlic destroy the cause of stomach ulcers is Helicobacter! Kill the worms and diphtheria, tubercle Bacillus.

How to use: best fresh or in powdered condition.


The most important thing in Luke — volatile, which are stored in essential oils. Volatile seconds to kill most bacteria and fungi. Onions helps to improve digestion and absorption of nutrients and even improves your appetite.

Onion also contains a large amount of sulfur, which neutralizes and destroys “all bad”.

How to use: usually fresh, in salads or in the form of tincture of alcohol and cosmetic mask (pimples and blackheads).

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Apples stabilize the entire digestive system, thanks to the pectin and fiber, which binds with toxins!

Apples improve appetite, help the development of gastric juices, relieving constipation. Apples destroy the pathogens of influenza A viruses, dysentery, Staphylococcus aureus.

How to use: they are usually consumed fresh and only with the skin, it is also possible in the form of juice and grated “gruel” in the form of compote.


Many, unfortunately, do not know the properties of the “South” of the fruit. And for good reason. Avocado includes great substance “glutathione”, which blocks many dangerous carcinogens, “unloading” the liver.

Also, avocado stabilizes the level of cholesterol in the blood, helps digestion, supplies the body with oxygen.

How to use: usually it is eaten fresh, as dried fruit or “oil”.


Cranberries, probably one of the most powerful “natural” antibiotics and antiviral agents! Cranberry cleanses the bladder and of the way from dangerous bacteria.

Not less important is the fact that cranberry helps to fight the formation of cancer cells and also cleans the blood clots and plaque in blood vessels.

How to use: cranberries are eaten fresh, perhaps with sugar or as juice and juice or jam.

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