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Named the most useful fruits for digestion

Названы самые полезные сухофрукты для кишечникаThree useful dried fruit, which accurately you will need.

Selection of dried fruit is very rich and they all benefit if made in accordance with rules.

But there are three of dried fruit, which is really worth to buy.

The main advantage of dried fruits is that they can replace a snack, and become a wonderful dessert. Good dried fruit is produced through dehydration of natural fruits, without the use of sugar and harmful preservatives.

Dried fruits retain all the benefits of fresh fruit, but in the absence of a liquid amount of nutrients becomes more concentrated. This, incidentally, affects the taste and nutritional value dried fruits contain more nutrients and high-calorie than the same fruit fresh. In addition, they are sweet in taste and may be able to replace your harmful sweets. There is another plus: the dried fruits have a long shelf life and do not require special conditions.

Pay attention to the prunes. This dried fruit helps to improving digestion, relief of occasional constipation and will be a good helper for your intestines. In addition, prunes contain lots of potassium and other minerals that protect the heart and blood vessels. Prunes are one of the most versatile dried fruits: you can eat just like that, add in compotes, salads, and meat dishes – it will help you to enrich the diet with nutrients and new flavors.

The second dried fruit, which should not be avoided is the figs. This dried fruit has many beneficial properties, especially beneficial it affects the immune system, digestive tract and metabolism. Variants of its use too much.

In the winter, experts advise to eat more raisins. They stimulate the immune system, helping the body to cope with viruses during epidemics. In addition, the substances contained in raisins, contribute to the production of red blood cells, thus helping with anemia and anemia.

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