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Named the most useful diet for liver health

Названа самая полезная диета для здоровья печениThe results of the latest research.

The Mediterranean diet is useful not only for the heart. The study showed that this kind of power and protects the liver.

Considered one of the healthiest in the world Mediterranean databasespecific not only the health of the heart. The study showed that this kind of food good for the liver. If the diet contains large amounts of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, olive oil and fish, the probability of hospitalization in connection with the development of cirrhosis of the liver is reduced. Cirrhosis is a deadly disease of the liver that causes profuse scarring of this organ. Each year from cirrhosis of the liver is dying for one million people. An incurable disease, it progresses slowly, and the only way to save the life of the patient is a liver transplant. However, most often cirrhosis of the liver is caused by alcohol, and the victims of alcohol addiction such transplants are not carried out.

However, the new study, researchers from Virginia Commonwealth University showed that following a Mediterranean diet, combined with a complete rejection of alcoholic beverages improves the outcome for victims of cirrhosis of the liver. The results of the research indicated as important, as it is another proof that the Mediterranean diet is extremely healthy. This diet contains a minimal amount of red meat, and observations have shown that it enhances diversity of gut microbes from victims of cirrhosis.

This discovery was made on the basis of observations of almost 300 older people. Before us is another proof of the importance of diversity of the intestinal microbiome to promote health and protect against a variety of ailments. Study participants either had cirrhosis of the liver, or healthy. They follow different kinds of diets, and the researchers monitored them for three months, giving special importance to such common complications of cirrhosis of the liver, as gallstones and jaundice.

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