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Named the most useful berry for strengthening blood vessels

Назван самая полезная ягода для укрепления сосудовEight reasons why you need to eat persimmons.

Many of us use persimmon only in the new year period, when it increases demand and the number of products exceeds the limit, the stores and markets.

However, tropical berry you will periodically need to use, as it has healing properties.

1. In the composition of persimmon is a large amount of potassium, magnesium, phosphorus and iron, which have a positive effect on virtually all systems of the human body.

2. Tropical berry is two times more contains beneficial trace elements than apples. Based on this, persimmon is an excellent product that will not be difficult to normalize the bowels.

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3. The persimmon contains a variety of antioxidants, which maintain constant tone our skin, protecting it from premature wrinkling.

4. In this fruit there is a large group of vitamins, which decrease the fragility of blood vessels in the body, strengthen human immunity. Also in the berries is vitamin a, which helps in the fight against cancer.

5. Due to the fact that the persimmon is a large content of glucose and fructose, this berry supports normal cardiovascular system. However, experts advise not to abuse with persimmons, since the daily rate is one berry.

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6. Persimmon reduces the chance of stone formation in the kidneys of a person due to the fact that the composition is magnesium.

7. Tropical berry is very fast relieves fatigue in humans, calms the Central nervous system and at the same time, improves performance and efficiency.

8. Persimmon is an excellent cure for colds and cough. Simply mix four tablespoons of warm water with juice of one ripe berry. The resulting “drug” to gargle.

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