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Named the most useful berry for heart health and blood vessels

Названа самая полезная ягода для здоровья сердца и сосудовThis berry should be in the diet of urban residents.

Gooseberry – a delicious summer berries, the taste is nothing to confuse.

That is why it is so like small and adult family members.

Gooseberries I love all of them, and jam from these berries is one of the most original sweets that can be prepared by the hostess in the summer. However, it should be remembered that the caloric content of gooseberry only 43 kcal per 100 g of product.

Canning of product with sugar added, this figure increases several times, which entails the extra pounds and inches. So women who strictly follow the diet, you need to add to the diet of gooseberries raw.

In addition, the gooseberry has been used successfully in the treatment of menstrual disorders, age-related menopausal changes.

Use gooseberry for urban residents
For residents of large cities gooseberries are of particular value. Due to the high content of antihypertensive, kapillyaroukreplyayuschim, anti-sclerotic substances in its composition they are the best helpers in the fight against high blood pressure, atherosclerotic changes and other abnormalities of the heart and blood vessels. These diseases are today the leading causes of death among the citizens.

Besides, the gooseberry normalizes the level of cholesterol in the body and derives from the accumulated toxins.

In the summer, despite the hot weather and abundance of sunlight, many urban residents are experiencing additional workload associated with high ambient temperature. Therefore, chronic fatigue and seasonal depression can overtake any of us, even in the middle of summer. Gooseberry can help in this case. Nice rich flavor with a slight acidity refreshing in the heat and makes it easier to survive extreme weather conditions.

What to make of gooseberries?
Gooseberry is excellent for a variety of workpieces. From it can be very easy to cook jam, marmalade or jelly. And, though the presets are not so impressive looking, the taste is absolutely not inferior to the most delicious sweets.

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Meanwhile, from gooseberries can be prepared not only sweet workpiece. This berries can be prepared spicy sauce or marinade for meat dishes.

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