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Named the most stupid mistakes of people wanting to lose weight

Названы самые глупые ошибки людей, желающих похудеть Experts have suggested, why do many people not able to lose weight.

The worst thing the person can face, decided to lose weight at any cost, is to stop weight. It would seem that the diet you follow, you’re drinking enough water, try to move more and even started to make progress in sports, but the weight stood on one mark and is not down. This situation can even lead to breakdown and reverse weight gain.

Experts on weight loss have identified three main mistakes made by virtually all who have studied her figure:

1. Improper installation of scales and weighing. It turns out that on the carpet the scales can show is absolutely not performing. To ensure that your scales are not 100% wrong, they should be installed on a flat surface. And, by the way, it is recommended to weigh in the same clothes, and even better – in underwear, so your figures will not be strikingly different and shows the exact figure, indicating a losing or set of pounds, and that weight stood on one place. Remember, any and even the lightest clothing can’t be weightless.

2. Work hard. When you first come into the hall, most likely don’t know what you do, the fat is dissolved and you lose weight. But the vast majority of dieters decide to torture yourself strength training at the gym, than to consult a specialist. The help of an experienced fitness instructor will not be superfluous. If after a while the weight stopped, it is necessary to change the training program, maybe you did something wrong for weight loss or exercise was aimed at strengthening the muscles and not on the splitting of layers of fat. To date, the most effective are interval training and crossfit. Such programs will help to lose weight, tighten the skin, build muscle and speed up metabolism.

3. Food. Here are wrong about 90% of losing weight. Almost all believe that in order to lose weight, it is necessary either to starve or to diet, but it is not so. Nutritionists say that the success depends on what, when and how much eating losing weight. You must comply with the consumption norms of protein, fats and carbohydrates, and create a small caloric deficit, the only way food will help you to lose weight. It is very important to eat at least 5 times a day, and in any case not to give up one meal or carbohydrates and fats, because the body needs nutrients and if it does not receive them in full, it will hold the liquid and, accordingly, the weight ceases to decline.

An integrated approach to the process of losing weight is the only method which will allow in the shortest possible time to achieve overwhelming results. One nutrition or sport will not be enough. Need to connect all existing programs on the way to a triple body and a diet, but a balanced diet, moderate exercise, massage, body wrap and a relaxing stay.

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