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Named the most reliable Japanese cars

Названы самые надежные японские автомобилиYou can argue about what to call the car “reliable”.

Nowadays, a mileage of 200 thousand kilometers of difficult to surprise someone. But from a few good cars you can always choose the best. This review presents the 10 most reliable Japanese cars, which are easy to pass 300 000 km and even more.

Toyota Prius. When began the sales of the first Toyota Prius, many believed that the expensive battery will become a big problem for the owners of these cars. But Toyota engineers thought of everything perfectly and the car was very reliable. Actual mileage Toyota Prius can reach up to 300 thousand kilometers and more.

Toyota Camry. Every few years the popular sedan Toyota Camry is upgrade or facelift. And every time the updated model shows a high reliability inherent in the models of the Japanese firm. Especially nice cars with 4-cylinder engines. They are not the most dynamic, but provide a mileage of up to 300 thousand kilometers.

Honda Odyssey may not be the best minivan, but the model is worth paying attention to. In the car fit eight passengers and all the Luggage they can take with them. A reliable car, but this does not mean that he lags behind in other parameters. As for the minivan, it is very fun to ride.

Honda Pilot. For families who do not want to travel by minivan, the perfect crossover Honda Pilot. In this all-wheel drive car can hold up to eight passengers.

Toyota Corolla. Drivers don’t always need so much space in the cabin as spacious CR-V or Accord. For them, the perfect compact Toyota Corolla. The car is the eleventh generation looks much more noticeable than previous versions. And not only outside but also inside. Now the interior is much more stylish and comfortable than it was before.

Honda Accord gets a lot of praise for the spacious interior and good handling. And if in the emphasis on the reliability of the machine, you should buy a 4-cylinder model. 2.0 or 2.4-liter engine will run “almost always”, while saving fuel.

Honda CR-V is not just another Japanese crossover. It is a comfortable vehicle with all-wheel drive, which is controlled almost like “car”. Like other Honda models, the CR-V can drive 300 thousand kilometers.

Toyota Sienna. Rear door Toyota Sienna is easily shifted, and then on the large sofa can be safely planted children. But if it is folded, you can load a lot of Luggage. Regardless of what you need to transport, this van is perfect. Besides all-wheel drive car, which makes it even more useful. It will last for a long time and, in General, the Sienna is one of the most long-lasting minivans on the market.

Toyota Highlander – a car targeted at young people. But the model has also attracted couples with children who do not want a minivan. And this is a great alternative. According to experts, Highlander – great SUV — comfortable, spacious, quiet. And the best of the line Highlander is a model with a V6 engine.

Honda Civic. In hybrid version of the Civic over the past few years had problems with batteries. The petrol version has no such disadvantage and will serve for quite a long time. The previous generation looked a little outdated, but in 2015 a new, improved, version

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