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Named the most probable scenarios of the end of the world

Названы самые вероятные сценарии конца светаHumanity will live another 80 years, scientists say.

According to estimates of the Spanish cosmologist Fergus Simpson, the probability that the world will end by the year 2100 is 87%.

Scientists propose possible scenarios for the end of the world.

1. Excessive solar activity

Humanity may suffer due to excessive activity of the Sun. Land can threaten the flow of energetic particles. They are caused by coronal mass ejections of plasma. These phenomena are associated with solar flares. Now scientists fear that such emissions can shut down not only the country a, and the entire continent. A massive power outage for weeks or months can have disastrous consequences for countries that depend on development of networks.

For the first time such an ejection has occurred in 1859. It led to numerous fires and knocked the operators of the Telegraph, and the Northern lights could be seen over Cuba. Less powerful jets (nearly y 10 times) was in 1989. Then the inhabitants of the province of Quebec were left without electricity.

2. The fall of an asteroid

The fall of a celestial body can lead to the physical destruction of mankind. As a result, in the atmosphere will rise clouds of dust. They will close the sunlight for a few months. This will cause on the planet “the long winter” that threatens starvation and disease. In addition, the asteroid will fall to Earth also a huge amount of space debris.

Scientists predict that the destruction of our planet enough asteroid with a diameter of about a kilometer. For example, the dinosaurs destroyed an asteroid with a diameter of 10 kilometers. Fortunately, such encounters are extremely rare: the convergence with the bodies of more than 10 km, occurs only once in 7 million years, more than 1 km to 25 thousand years.

3. The eruption of the volcano

Such SUPERVOLCANO eruptions occur on the Earth every hundred years. Such an event is the risk that the continent will cover the meter layer of dust. He’ll kill crops, clog waterways and pipelines, destroy the buildings. Soot y the air bad influence on people who are not able to breathe fresh or at least clean air. Soot and dust in the atmosphere will also reduce the amount of sunlight

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For example, the eruption of the volcano Toba in Indonesia 75,000 years ago put the ancestors of modern man to the brink of extinction.

4. The melting of glaciers

Scientists predict that by the end of the century the oceans could rise to the level of 3.5 meters. The water level rises annually by 3 mm. Waste emissions are provoking global warming, which is causing the melting of glaciers. Therefore, the increase of level of world ocean becomes noticeable. First of all, it will affect the world’s population living in coastal areas. This is 20% of the world population. But scientists calm, that is the maximum mark and the minimum is 1 meter.

By the way, the problems of rapid lifting of level of world ocean was worried in China. Scientists of China found that in the year of the water carries 1.5 cm sushi of their country.

5. The nuclear threat

Many researchers, speaking about the nuclear threat, do not rule out the possibility of nuclear war. Academician Andrei Sakharov said that the nuclear Arsenal of the United States and the former Soviet Union could lead to the death of the entire planet. The use of nuclear weapons causes irreversible climate change, the extinction of many plant and animal species and the slow death of humanity. There is also the phenomenon of “nuclear winter”. They rise into the air thousands of tons of dust particles. A significant part of the sunlight cannot reach the Earth’s surface. In some parts of the world the temperature can drop by as much as 40 degrees.

However, today, when the cold war far behind, both nuclear superpowers, it is hardly possible to expect such radical steps. In the twenty-first century, the danger creeps in.

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6. Pandemic

Diseases and epidemics throughout the time of existence of mankind took millions of lives. Only the plague, which prevailed y Europe y the 14th century, destroyed 25000000 people. A flu of “Spaniard” in the early 20th century killed 100 000 000 people.

Today, when antibiotics, to prevent such diseases is much easier. However, the world health organization said that antibiotics are rapidly losing their effectiveness. According to experts, some of them have already lost their effectiveness. Bacteria that cause pneumonia, blood infection, gonorrhea and diarrhea, more often not susceptible to antibiotics.

In addition, the British physicist Stephen Hawking predicts the death of humanity from artificially constructed virus.

7. Demographic collapse

To destroy our civilization can and demographic problems. According to UN projections, by 2050 the world population may reach 10 billion people. Uncontrolled population growth is a lack of resources, famine, war, disease. A this, in turn, – the deep decline of all civilization.

Threaten the planet may decline in the birth rate. This process y varying degrees, characteristic of all post-industrial countries. If the birth rate worldwide will be reduced to the level of modern developed countries, to the year 2500 on Earth can simply no people.

8. Euphoria and transhumanism

Many people on the planet consume daily caffeine, nicotine and other drugs. They elevate mood, improve attention and increase activity. It is not excluded that there will come a point of catastrophic dependence on it. It was then that mankind die out gradually but steadily.

In addition, biological and technological innovations can bring people to a level where they will not be like today’s representatives of humanity. These people will operate on the basis of artificial intelligence. They can exist in the form of digital information transmitted by ultra-high networks. Their physical bodies will die, but they will have access to eternal storage of information.

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