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Named the most probable causes of death of human civilization

Названы самые вероятные причины гибели человеческой цивилизацииScientists from Oxford called the main possible causes of the end of the world.

The most relevant risks for humanity are pandemic, extreme climate change and nuclear war, says the report of the University of Oxford.

The report is based on surveys of experts in their fields.

The document’s authors called on world leaders to take action to reduce each of these three risks. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

So, you need to make more effort to stop the spread of viruses, zika and Ebola, according to the developers of the report. They also emphasize the need for measures to prevent the creation of biological weapons.

Oxford urged to pay attention to geoengineering to prevent global warming: for example, it is proposed to release sulfates into the stratosphere to reduce the temperature of the planet.

The authors of the report propose to establish an international team to work on the identification and prevention of global risks and to secure the relevant obligations in international law.

“Pandemic, climate change and nuclear winter not recognize national boundaries,” say the authors of the report.

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