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Named the most popular websites among Ukrainian trade networks

Названы самые популярные сайты среди украинских торговых сетейEach trading network has their own preferences

The Association of retailers of Ukraine is analyzed, who is of Ukrainian retailers actively used social networks and how many subscribers they will lose after the decree of the President, implying locking of the Russian services and social networks.

For several months among Ukrainian retailers by number of followers on Facebook leading Watsons Ukraine. A huge number of subscribers it boasts of and Vkontakte. Only the network of shops of goods for beauty and health in the Russian social network, more than 118,000 fans.

At JYSK Ukraine, located on the second position with 150 000 followers on Facebook, the social network Vkontakte, there are hardly 15 000 followers.

Even more interesting situation at Intertop. In Facebook the company has more than 135,000 subscribers, but in the VC the official pages of the brand not start.

The largest public pages in VK have representatives of major e-commerce players in the market of Ukraine. First of all, it ROZETKA.UA with 824 000 participants and modnaKasta 83 000 members of the public.

For comparison, the audience in Citrus VK – 162 000 to 54 000 in FB, the audience COMFY – 134 000 in Vkontakte against 81,000 in Facebook, the audience Foxtrot – 118 000 to 73 000 subscribers.

At ATB-market – 410 000 participants in Vkontakte, compared with 63 000 in Facebook.

METRO Cash & Carry Ukraine has 33 000 fans in Facebook vs 6000 in Vkontakte.

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