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Named the most popular diesel cars in Ukraine

Названы самые популярные дизельные авто в УкраинеExperts called the top selling diesel cars.

Experts found out which passenger cars equipped with diesel engines, enjoyed the greatest demand on the Ukrainian market in the first half of 2017.

For the first 6 months of this year were sold in Ukraine more than 14 thousand new cars with diesel engines. This is 38.5% of the total market, and just a year ago, the share of diesel cars was 36%. Dynamics amounted to +43% compared to first half of 2016.

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It is significant that in the SUV segment the share of diesel vehicles is 50%, while among passenger cars the share of diesel is much lower – about 20%.

According to experts the best-selling brands with diesel engines on the Ukrainian steel market (indicated sales of cars with diesel engines, in parentheses, the share of diesel of total sales):

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RENAULT 2986 (73,53%)
KIA 1513 (57,75%)
VOLKSWAGEN 1386 (57,44%)
TOYOTA 1093 (of 26.84%)
MERCEDES-BENZ 857 (70,89%)

It is significant that the largest share of sold diesel cars in the structure of sales of brands Jaguar and Land Rover – 95% -98% of the total sales:

JAGUAR 95 (97,94%)
LAND ROVER 371 (94,88%)
SEAT 572 (86,27%)
AUDI 794 (76,35%)
RENAULT 2986 (73,53%)

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