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Named the most popular commercial vehicles in Ukraine

Названы самые популярные коммерческие автомобили в УкраинеAt the end of 5 months 2017 sales of new cars in Ukraine has increased compared to 2016 110%

In the overall structure of the new car market light commercial vehicle is owned less than 10%.

But the commercial segment, compared with last year, today is growing almost three times faster than passenger cars. And here are changing as the requirements of buyers, and sales leaders. And it is here today, there are systematic changes in the Ukrainian market.

At the end of 5 months 2017 sales of new commercial vehicles in Ukraine has increased compared to 2016 110%! For comparison: sales of new passenger cars increased by only 46%. That is, the commercial vehicle segment feels this year is much better.

The most popular brand of commercial vehicles in our country – Renault. However, in Europe too. Then, in descending order, are Peugeot, FIAT, Ford and Volkswagen. And this top five brands-leaders in comparison with 5 months of 2016 have increased the volume of sales. In particular, according to AUTO-Consulting, Renault sales grew by 90%, the Peugeot – 150%, FIAT – more than 40 percent, Ford – more than 180% VW +15%.

That prefer Ukrainian businessmen? In category minibuses – the largest increase compared to the previous year in the segment D. More than 60%. Category of 15-18-seater minibuses rose by slightly more than 25%. To date, segment D BUS owns 76% of the market, E BUS – 24% of the market vans.

Among the D BUS in the first place in sales of Renault Traffic, the second Mercedes-Benz V-Class, the third – Volkswagen Caravelle. Compared to the previous year, the latter showed the biggest sales growth of over 150%.

Among the E BUS in the first position the Ford Transit, the second – Ukrainian “Ruta”, the third – Citroen Jumper. In this trio, compared to last year, sales rose only Ford Transit. More than 225%. The rest fell.

But among the vans (the VAN segment) for the past 5 months, according to AUTO-Consulting, the growth in all classes. And total growth of more than 50%. Today by grade category VAN looks like a small B VAN – 30%, C VAN – 40%, D VAN – 7%, E VAN – 23%. On the price factor 17% of them are Low Cost budget models, and 83% is the average-price segment.

In B VAN segment leader – Renault Dokker. The sales of this model in comparison with last year grew by nearly 100%. In the second position of the FIAT Fiorino – a growth of over 3000%. The third – ZAZ Lanos Pick-Up, whose sales fell by nearly 25%.

In segment D VAN first “loaf” UAZ, the second – Ford Transit Connect, the third – Volkswagen Transporter. Of the three Ford sales rose more than 150%, UAZ – by almost 80%, and VW, on the contrary decreased by 17%.

In the segment of E VAN in the first place the Ford Transit, the second – “GAZelle”, on the third – Renault Master. Compared to last year, according to AUTO-Consulting, Renault, and Ford increased its sales volumes, respectively by 128% and 177%. And GAZ-sale, by contrast, fell by almost 25%. And the biggest sales growth in this segment – Citroen Jumper – 600%.

It should be noted that within the five leading brands have been castling. Renault has retained the top position as last year. On the second step – the FIAT. The third – Ford. The 4th was shared by Peugeot and GAZ. On the 5th – Volkswagen. All of them, compared to last year, increased their sales, but Volkswagen this increase of 17%, at the same time, Ford +180%.

But despite the overall growth of sales of commercial vehicles decreased sales volumes from these brands: ZAZ, GAZ, UAZ, Mercedes-Benz and Hyundai.

The trend this year is the emergence of special-purpose vehicles that previously were made only on the chassis of GAZ or UAZ. Now a new profession actively developing Mercedes-Benz, Renault, Ford, Peugeot, FIAT, IVECO and Citroen. And apparently, who in this way will succeed, he will provide the leadership.

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