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Named the most popular cars in the world at the end of last year

Названы самые популярные авто в мире по итогам прошлого годаGaining popularity among drivers of SUVs.

Analysts have made a rating of sales of automotive innovations over the last year.

This analysis cannot be considered 100% accurate because he was only 52 countries. Thus, in 2017 sold about 86 million passenger and commercial cars, which is 2 million more than in 2016.

Rapidly gaining popularity of SUVs is their share exceeds 30% and sales amounted to 27 850 thousand copies.

The total number of sold cars 75% are cars with gasoline engines. The demand for diesel decreased by 5%, but on models with alternate engines has increased – last year it was bought almost 1 million copies more cars with this type of engine than in 2016.

The most popular brand the level of sales is the Toyota sales growth was 5%, and the number of cars sold almost 8 million copies. But Korean brands Hyundai and Kia lose their sales fell by 10%.

The biggest growth of sales of Chinese brands Geely and Baojun – 60% and 35%, respectively.

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