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Named the most polluted places in Kiev

Названы самые загрязненные места в КиевеEnvironmentalists have called the most dangerous areas of Kiev.

In Kiev with the development of the industry significantly increased the level of air pollution. The experts have identified at least six places, which represent a significant danger to human health.

According to the Central geophysical Observatory topped the list of Bessarabian and demiivska square. A threat to the physical status and immunity of inhabitants were recorded in the district of the capital metro station “Svyatoshyn” – mostly on the Avenue of Victory. I do not advise to settle on the streets of Kaunas and Dovzhenko (near the metro station “Shulyavska”), because the level of air pollution is also quite high. No better situation in Obolonskiy Avenue.

Experts noted that last week in the atmosphere the level of dangerous substances reached a record – rate of formaldehyde exceeded, 1 – 1.9 times, while carbon increased by about 1.7 times.

At risk remains a national Expocentre of Ukraine (ENEA), as well as hydro.

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