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Named the most likely reasons for the destruction of humanity

Названы самые вероятные причины гибели человечестваA list of the main potential hazards to Earth from space to scientists.

About the biggest threats to the Earth, said scientists. Apart from popular theories like global warming and nuclear war, there are some other equally catastrophic.

Possible cause the death of the Earth is a powerful energy emanating from the Sun. It turned out that the star emits a magnetic field capable of producing sunspots many times the big planets, but also a kind of radiation – the solar wind. It can cause fire storms, after which life on the planet will be able to significantly deteriorate.

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Another threat is the asteroid. It is assumed that they were killed by dinosaurs. It also became known that in space they fly a great many, and some are very dangerous.

On the third line of the dangers of space and the possible destruction of the Earth is cooling the Sun. Experts believe that this will definitely happen, but not earlier than 7.7 billion years. Gradually the Orb will change the temperature at the end causing a strong solar wind, which will be a slowing of the Earth. Because of this, the planet will fall into the outer layer of the star and will melt forever.

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Also, in space there is some wandering star, which, passing by the milky Way can affect the “Oort cloud”, consisting of many stone-comets. What can cause a star which may, on its trajectory to rush towards the Earth that will lead to its “death”.

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