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Named the most intelligent animals on the planet

Названы самые умные животные на планетеThe most intelligent in the world are considered primates.

Researchers were told which animals are the most intelligent in the world.

A study conducted by an international group of experts.

The main criterion in compiling the list was the communication ability of animals, which demonstrates the level of their thinking and mind. It turned out that the highest level of development have the primates – gorillas, chimpanzees, Gibbons and guenons. It is noted that they are able not only to distinguish human speech, but also to get in contact.

The list also includes dolphins. They produce up to 14 thousand tones and have a certain set of feelings that make them responsible. In particular, dolphins help people, if they found themselves in a difficult situation.

Also in the list of intelligent animals included the dog. The intelligence of dogs can easily distinguish between 250 words and gestures, so they are easy to train. The dog, by the way, can be trained to perform simple mathematical calculations – namely, to count to 5. Cats have a similar mind, they are very clever, distinguish human speech.

Among the most intelligent bird is the Raven. Ravens skilled thief. Like dogs, they can count to 5, but not more. If, for example, that the bird crows and humans as a pet, and his intelligence level rises.

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